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FRP Rebar, FRP Bar, FRP Rebar, Gfrp

Model No.︰lida
Brand Name︰-
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 20 / pc
Minimum Order︰2000 pc
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Product Description

The FRP rebar production line is the special pultrusion machine used to produce FRP rebar with different specifications. It can finish distributing roving, impregnation, pre-molding, winding, heating and curing, unwinding, fix-length cutting and pile up automatically.
A. Structure principle:
This line mainly consists of roving racks, resin bath, winding, heating oven, unwinding device, traction machine, cutting saw and racks for finished products.
1. Roving racks: Used to place the rolls, adopts the welding structure of steel plate, steel pipe and angle iron.
2. Resin bath: Welded by stainless steel material, there is press roller inside to make the roving DIP in the resin sufficiently.
3. Winding & unwinding device: Adopts gear wheel to drive the roller turn around the products, and wind the thread. This device adopts frequency conversion speed-regulated mode, adjust the rotate speed stepless.
4. Heating oven: Adopts cast aluminum heater, intelligent temperature controller to control the temperature. The heating box adopts mesh structure and it is easy to open it and clean the dropping resin, filled with insulation materials inside.
5. The material of mould is 45 or 40Cr painted with chrome on the surface.
B. Technical parameter
Working voltage: 380V/50Hz
Total power: ≈ 30KW
Air pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa
Center height of the line: 1000mm
Dimension: ≈ 20000mm(L)X1850mm(W)X1450mm(H)
1. Roving racks
Ivory paint, combined structure, easy accessibility
Rolls capacity: 70-100/5 layers
Dimension: 2m(L) X 0.6m(W) X 2m(H)
Standard configuration: 2 sets
2. Resin bath
Number: 1 set
Body dimension: 1030mm X 720mmx190mm
Resin capacity: About 50kg
Support frame dimension: 1110mmx 810mmx900mm
3. Winding & Unwinding machine
Number of winding head: 2
Winding power: 0.75KW
Winding rotation speed: 9-95rpm
Winding diameter: 8-30mm Max. 30mm
Resin bath heating (optional): 1KW
Heating oven power: 2X5 zones 220V/50Hz 10X2.4KW (length 5.5m)
Temperature control zones: 1+2X5
4. Traction machine (Caterpillar type)
Traction power: 380V/50Hz 1.1KW
Traction speed: 0.1-1m/min
Traction force: Max. 40KN
Clamping length: 1200mm
Clamping width: 500mm
5. Cutting saw
Cutting range: 600mm(W)X65mm(H)
Cutting power: 380V/50Hz 1.5KW
Vacuum cleaner power: 380V/50Hz 1.5KW
Tracing cutting journey: 700mm
Length-fix mode: Limit switch
6. Racks for finished products
Square tube and steel plate welded structure
Standard configuration: Simple platform type 1 set
Dimension: 4m(L) X 0.55m(W) X 0.9m(H)

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